Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cooking with Kids

Shannon over at Rocks in my dryer (probably my favorite blogger EVER!) hosts works for me Wednesday SO.... here's my contribution for the week.

This week I'm going to give you a hint that is working for us, I know it's nothing new but jeez people try it!

Mikayla has officially become a picky eater. In her ideal world she'd eat tomato soup and bratwurst for every meal, oh and scrambled eggs. Well let's say that's not my cup of tea for every weekend meal.

SO.... I've brought her into the planning and cooking. She's six and very capable of measuring, mixing, we're cracking eggs, etc.

Here's what I've found. If she helps either plan or make SHE WILL EAT IT!!! we've made pesto, she ate it up, she and I made quiche, she ate it up, we made bread (I realize that's not something I would have had to force feed her but it's good to learn) she ate it up and mmmmm'd around the house about the smell.

So there it is. cook with your kids. get them involved in trying new foods!


Anonymous said...

Jesse is the cook in our family and he and Braeden cook all of the time together. Not only is it teaching valuable cooking skills, but it is great bonding time! Great tip! Andrea

Tammy said...

YES!! great tip Kimi!! My kids eat so much better when they get to "help" & its fun too, pretty soon,they won't want to help! LOL!