Wednesday, May 07, 2008

doesn't work for me Wednesdays my crummy mornings!

Today Rocks in my dryer is doing a DOESN'T work for me Wednesday and while I am good at complaining about things I'm narrowing it down to one gripe. And one gripe only.

I'm choosing to gripe about my awful mornings. Please help me with some ideas to make them a little better!

My mornings are bogus, some because I'm so busy during the week that I don't have time to set out food for the mornings, pack my lunches, get my clothes ready for the week, etc. I know it's my choice to be this busy and I own that but I enjoy my off time to the best of my ability!

My commute is 45 minutes to an hour, I rest on the bus on the way into work or read, or journal.

I get up between 5:45-and 6am in order to get ready and be downtown by about 7:30am.

Every morning I rush to figure out what to eat during the day, breakfast and lunch. I'd love any fast breakfast ideas that aren't gross or costly. I love eggs and in an ideal world would have quiche every single morning (oh and fruit!) I also would love any lunch ideas anyone has because I'm bored and broke of eating out.

Anyone have ideas to get me out of my morning rut?


amanda. said...

I've had this link bookmarked for months:

It's almost like a mini quiche!

amanda. said...

Okay, sorry, don't think my link worked. I'm trying again.

Try that one.

Jon and Emily Wylie said...

Have you seen the egg mcmuffin toaster things? I got one as a gift for Christmas and use it all the time. Pop in the English muffin, throw in the egg and wrap it in tinfoil when it's done.

The Daileys said...

I know a gal who makes mexican breakfast burritos ahead of time, wraps them in plastic wrap, throws them in the freezer. I didn't like them that way, but if you made scrabled eggs with salsa in them and then threw them in a tortilla with some shredded cheese, a minute in the microwave and voila! I make extra for dinner and package it ready for Mitch to take for his lunches the next day... Ummm, if I think of other ideas, I will let ya know!