Monday, May 23, 2011


How do you get up a mountain when you're going with the crew from Arnette? Well since they don't have their own rig yet... you take one of the Oakley trucks. We loved it! we got pointed at, people gave us thumbs up and hang loose signs and the guy at the snowboard shop called out the rest of the staff to gawk at the rig... I'll admit it, it was fun.

Day two of our trip of a lifetime was with the Arnette crew, John from Oakley had outfitted us properly (yes we ARE in Oakley from head to toe... ) and Arnette hooked us up with their brand new goggles which haven't been released yet (you have to admit that's cool) we loaded up the rig in Forest Hills and headed up to the bunny slopes at Mountain High. it was a beautiful drive about an hour out of town. Brent took us up and once there we met up with Joe (global brand manager for Arnette) and they geared us up with rentals and took us to the slopes. I won't lie and tell you I mastered snowboarding, in fact by the end I sucked so bad I walked my board off the hill but I will tell you, I aim to try again and conquer this!

Checking my chapped hands. learning to snowboard without gloves is a bad bad bad idea....

Keith and I on the chairlift with our goggles ready for fun!